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Featuring: B’s Swim School

“The B Swim Safe program was developed with the singular focus of saving children’s lives. Our job is to give children this incredible skill and their families peace of mind”

– Brendan Varrie founder of B Swim Safe
Located in the heart of Bryanston – this is one swim school you WANT your children to attend!
About B’s Swim School: 

B’s Swim School has been in operation since 2005. Brendan has a lifelong background in aquatics. After spending a number of years in the learn to swim arena it became clear to me that there is a gaping hole when it comes to Infant and child safety.

It is my belief that no child should take longer than six weeks to learn to swim and pick up the necessary skills that ultimately could end up saving their lives. We follow a systematic approach that builds children’sskills and confidence slowly but steadily through daily attendance.


Contact details:

Email: brendan@bswimschool.co.za

Cellphone: 0836499067

Address: 27 Chesterfield Road, Bryanston


Swimming Schools Near You – Bryanston

Having trouble finding swimming schools in your area? Look no further – a list of all the swimming schools in the Bryanston Area.


Name Address Area Contact
Zogs Swim School 1 Banbury Street Bryanston 0823346973
BSwimSafe 27 Chesterfield Road Bryanston 0836499067
Little Fishes Swimming School Bantry Road Bryanston 0114638389
Quick Strokes Swimming Pool 256 Bryanston Drive Bryanston 0824861983
Goof Swim School 115 St Audley Road Bryanston 0118078027 or


Free Style Swimming 165 Bryanston Drive Bryanston 0832532998