For unparalleled printing excellence, let us ensure that your brand leaves the lasting impression you imagined it would.
We are constantly striving to push more boundaries and achieve brilliant results for our clients.

Our range of printable cap colours is vast and includes multi colour caps as well as the full SA Flag caps.  

We’ll keep your brand identity at the forefront and will match up your pantone colours as supplied.
We’re able to do stunning blended prints and shading imitation.
Difficult line ups are no problem at all and in addition, we have metallic colour inks.

If you’ve ever been told your design is impossible by anyone else, we’d love to take up the challenge.
Send us your design (preferably a vector file) or if you need assistance to create something out of this world, our incredibly talented designer will work together with you to make this happen.
We can’t wait to hear from you.


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