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Swimming Lesson Accessories for Beginners

In swimming lessons, students of all ages and abilities learn a potentially lifesaving skill that is also an excellent form of low-impact aerobic exercise. Most beginning swim classes are divided into groups based on ability and age and typically follow a specific curriculum, such as YMCA, American Red Cross or Starfish Aquatics Institute. Many of […]

Benefits of wearing Swimming Goggles

Whether you’re a competitive pool swimmer or someone who enjoys an occasional dip in the ocean while on vacation, wearing a pair of swimming goggles offers a number of unique benefits. Some of these benefits are obvious, such as the ability to see underwater but others are not so obvious. If you’re still on the […]

How do you swim breast stroke?

MASTER YOUR SWIMMING TECHNIQUE (1): BREAST STROKE The breaststroke is also known as the “froggy” stroke among children learning to swim as it sounds more endearing. The movement also resembles that of a frog swimming in water hence the use of this term. It is the most popular recreational style because it is very stable […]

How do you swim freestyle or front crawl?

MASTER YOUR SWIMMING TECHNIQUE (2): FRONT CRAWL The Freestyle is not actually a stroke but a category in swimming competition. The most common and popular stroke in freestyle races is the front crawl as this style is the fastest. For this reason, the term freestyle is often used as a synonym for front crawl. The […]

Why Learn Several Different Swimming Strokes?

Are you wondering if learning all the different swimming strokes makes sense? Or if sticking to your favorite swim stroke is enough? Learning several different swimming strokes requires patience but has its rewards. For example, you may be a beginner triathlete being able to swim breaststroke. But you’d like to be able to swim much […]

How to Prevent Swimmer’s Shoulder

If you’ve invested even a moderate amount of time training up and down and around the black line you have become intimately familiar with the term ‘swimmer’s shoulder.’ Given that swimmers annually perform hundreds of thousands of arm rotations it should be of little shock to learn that this type of work and frequency places […]

Swimming For Kids With Special Needs

Teaching kids with special needs to swim is not only a good idea, it’s essential.  Swimming lessons help kids with special needs in a number of key areas, including greater muscle strength and physical endurance, increased flexibility, more self-control, and, in many instances, improved behavioral outcomes. Creating an effective swimming program for kids with special needs takes a patient […]

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