Swimming workouts can be a total mission to think up. Balancing the right amount of speed work with endurance, understanding the aerobic and anaerobic split, ensuring your legs are worked as much as your arms… It’s a seemingly never-ending list of requirements. And may result in your swimming bag being replaced with running shoes or cycling cleats instead. But Spurt is on a mission to get you back into your “happy place”: the one-of-a-kind, go-with-the-flow element that can wash away the chaos of life around it. Our solution: Swimming with Spurt – a series of swimming workouts that leaves the thinking to us, and replaces your pain with aquatic bliss.

Introducing Swimming with Spurt

I love Spurt and its amazing selection of swimming gear. From my early days of learn-to-swim, when I simply refused to submerge my face in water until the age of 7, to racing for and winning gold medals at the then Junior Nationals competitions (now South African National Juniors). Spurt has truly been with me for my whole swimming journey.

So you can imagine my excitement when Spurt agreed to continue the journey and to collaborate with me in developing a series of workouts. These workouts will be freely accessible to all with a love of the water, looking to improve their fitness, train for an open water race, prepare for a triathlon or maintain a feel for water during the off-season. There will be a session for everyone.

Three free swimming workouts per week, with monthly themes

So, starting on Tuesday, 8 June 2021, Spurt will publish its first of three free weekly swimming workouts, to help alleviate the burden of creating your own. These workouts will have a monthly theme – well, for the most part, sometimes I’ll probably shake things up based on your feedback and suggestions.

Soon to have accompanying technical videos to guide you

And that’s not the best part (although, we know you are probably feeling pretty stoked about all of this). Soon, each swimming workout will be accompanied by a how-to video, in which I will demonstrate some of the more technical elements of the swimming workout to ensure you are fully equipped to complete it.

The demonstration will include my very own commentary, either voicing over how well I complete the drill or critiquing my attempt, so you don’t follow my lead and make the same mistakes.

Where to find Spurt’s swimming workouts

The swimming workouts will be scattered all over the internet, so they are easy to find. They’ll also be uploaded as an image, making them so much easier to save for later. Look out for them on Spurt’s website, and across its social media platforms (Facebook, Linkedin, Twitter, Instagram, and Pinterest).

A link to the technical, how-to video will feature on all of these platforms too, but we are also planning to build a slick and smooth YouTube channel, with loads of great swimming content easily accessible whenever you need it. So subscribe and hit the little bell to be notified whenever something new is added.

Needing help with something specific? Share your workout suggestions and progress

The new Swimming with Spurt series is all about YOU and we want to make sure we are with you for YOUR swimming journey – remember, Spurt is your ultimate training partner. With that in mind, we welcome all of your swimming workout suggestions so we can cater to your swimming needs. Comment on any of our posts or send your suggestions to myvirtualcoach@spurt.co.za.

We’d also love to track your progress, so share screenshots of completed workouts or pictures/videos of you completing the workout, tagging Spurt with the hashtag #SwimmingWithSpurt. We might give you a shoutout across our social media platforms AND a goodie bag of amazing Spurt swimming gear may find its way to you!

Meet your virtual coach – Jedd Harris

I’m Jedd and I am so excited to join you on your swimming journey with Spurt. I’ve been in the swimming world since the day I was born (literally) – I suppose that’s what happens when you’re born to an amazing swimming instructor who decides on a water birth. That said, I had an amazing journey in competitive swimming, swimming with some of South Africa’s best coaches, and really peaking during my age group years, winning a couple of South African age-group titles here and there.

Then on to coaching, which I have been doing for the past ten years, and now find myself as the Head of Swimming at St David’s Marist Inanda in Sandton, Johannesburg. I’ve got a wealth of swimming workouts that I will share with you, designed to help your technique (decreasing resistance) and bolster your strength (increasing propulsion).

I hope you’re ready to journey with Spurt. Together we will swim further and faster.