Spurt Luminosity Optical Correction DA1 Senior Swimming Goggle in Black with Clear Lens

Size Guide

Spurt black LUMINOSITY OPTICAL CORRECTION -1.5 diopter senior goggles with clear lens.
The clear lens goggles are better for an indoor swimming pool or for the outdoors when visibility and weather conditions are not ideal.

There's a whole new world underwater just waiting to be discovered for our visually impaired swimmers.

With optical correction levels from -1.5 to -6, the LUMINOSITY OPTICAL CORRECTION goggle has a slightly wider fit that will be suitable for a swimmer from around 12 years and older or a younger swimmer with a broader or rounder shaped face.

With 3 interchangeable nose clips and a split yoke headstrap, this goggle adjusts on the sides of the head.

The LUMINOSITY OPTICAL CORRECTION goggle has UV protection as well as an Anti-Fog coating to prevent fogging up in the water.

Comfortable fitting eye gaskets together with the clear lenses make this goggle a great choice for your indoor training.

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