Spurt Optical Correction N2 Senior Swimming Goggle in Black with Gold Mirror Lens and Dark Tint

Size Guide

Spurt black OPTICAL CORRECTION -5.5 diopter goggles with gold mirror lenses.
The dark tinted goggles are the ideal set of goggles for outdoor swimming when the sun is at it's strongest and you're more likely to be affected by a much harsher glare.

There's a whole new world underwater just waiting to be discovered for our visually impaired swimmers.

With optical correction levels from -1.5 to -6, the OPTICAL CORRECTION goggle needs no introduction.

With mirror and non-mirror lens options, the OPTICAL CORRECTION goggle has UV protection as well as an Anti-Fog coating to prevent fogging up in the water.

Comfortable fitting eye gaskets with easy to adjust straps, this goggle comes with an adjustable nose pieces with 3 different sizes - small, medium and large.
As the eye gaskets are slightly smaller, the OPTICAL CORRECTION goggle can accommodate smaller faces with asjustments of the nose clips and straps.

If you are training outdoors, look at taking a mirror lens to provide additional glare reduction and if training indoors, look at the non-mirror option instead.

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