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Breathe Goggle Bag: Sustainable Choice for Swimmers Who Care

We're excited to announce our partnership with Breathe and Lizzard to offer the Breathe Goggle Bag – a sustainable way to protect your goggle.

Made by Lizzard, these eco-friendly, soft goggle bags are crafted from repurposed textile waste. Reduce plastic use, keep textile scraps out of landfills and support ocean conservation efforts by Breathe Conservation!

A portion of the proceeds goes towards Breathe's mission to tackle plastic pollution through education, advocacy, and actionable efforts.

Here's what makes the Breathe Goggle Bag a great choice:

  • Sustainable: Repurposed materials for less waste. ♻️
  • Protective: Keeps goggles safe.
  • Supportive: Helps Breathe tackle ocean plastic.

We still offer our standard plastic case for free with each Spurt goggle purchase. However, by making a sustainable swap and choosing the Breathe Goggle Bag for an additional R20 instead, you're making a powerful statement for a cleaner future. It's a small change with a big impact!

Ready to join Breathe Conservation in the movement for healthy oceans?

Make a sustainable swap! Choose the Breathe Goggle Bag. Spread the word! Share a photo of yourself using your Spurt goggles and the Breathe Goggle Bag with #ChooseReuse. Inspire others to make eco-conscious choices.

Want to do more? Check out Breathe Conservation's incredible work protecting our oceans:

See how Lizzard transforms textile waste into cool stuff

Small change, big impact for healthy oceans!

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