Spurt Crush N3 Senior Goggle in Light Pink with Mirror Silver/Pink Lens and Medium Tint

Size Guide

Spurt CRUSH senior goggles is one of our all-time bestsellers for racing or training due to it's comfort, style and fit.

With UV Protection and Anti-fog coating, this goggle has incredibly comfortable eye gaskets that provide great sealing around the eyes without causing discomfort to the wearer. The nose pieces are adjustable and have 3 size options and the goggles have a split yoke strap that adjusts at the back of the head.

The CRUSH style is also available in a variety of single or multi-coloured beautiful, light or bright colours with the option of mirror or non-mirror lenses.

The mirror lenses are also further differentiated between light, medium and dark tints to accommodate different training or racing arenas.

If you are training or racing outdoors, look for medium to dark mirror lenses and if you are training indoors, your visibility will be enhanced by selecting a light mirror lens or a completely clear lens.

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